3 Ways to Support New Teachers

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” By Malcolm X

Teaching is hard and with our new normal it has become even harder especially for new teachers. It is important to have

  1. Consistent Support: Leaders that are supporting new teachers should create a consistent support plan. You always want to be flexible and adaptable but that does not mean not having a plan. Creating a plan allows for transparency and to help stay organized for what types of supports you are providing. For example the first Tuesday of the month can be supports around problems of practices, second Tuesday can be introducing a new teaching strategy, the third Tuesday can be reflection on a teaching practice or lesson and the fourth Tuesday can be open to personalize the needs of each new teacher.
  2. Allowing Teachers to “Visit” Classrooms: Allowing new teachers to visit other teachers classroom has always been a great support and it still is in this new normal it just looks a little different. I have seen leaders do it a few different ways. One way is have a teacher record their lesson with their students if it is distance learning and the mentor and mentee can then sit down together to discuss the best teaching practices they noticed. Another way is if you are back face to face with social distancing in place, you can use a device such as a swivl camera to record and watch what the teacher is doing.
  3. Be Available: There will be many ups and downs and twists and turns as new teachers start the teaching journey but knowing their mentor is there for them any time is reassuring.

Check out more ways to support teachers in this video:

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