My Next Adventure: Talking with Edu_Thompson

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.” by Anthony J. D’Angelo 

I have an insatiable desire to learn and seek personal and professional development. Looking back over the last ten years there is not one adventure in seeking development that I have regretted!

2010: I started blogging weekly sharing my ideas and thoughts

2011: I started #21stedchat on Twitter with David Prindle who to this day have never met but for 8 years every Sunday night #21stedchat members joined to learn and grow together.

2012: I was selected for Teacher Fellows Institute of Charlotte where I got to further develop my leadership and professional expertise in order to with different educators in public and private sector.

2013: I was selected for ASCD Emerging Leaders. This experience changed my life as it opened up doors and windows into places I had not even imagined. The emerging leader fellows have become friends and through partners that I talk to at least weekly. They have played so many roles in my life from friends, mentors, thought partners and sounding boards.

2014: I started my own company called Edulum LLC where I learned a lot about business but still got to help other educators through providing Professional Development including running my first conference!

2015: I became Google Certified Level one, two and Trainer which opened new doors for me as I met a lot of different educators from across the county.

2016: I became a certified Apple Teacher and started presenting at national conferences.

2017: I went back to school and obtained my add -on Administration License. My cohort was awesome and I was introduced to a lot of amazing professors who I still keep in contact with.

2018: I co published an eBook with Allison Zmuda called: How to Leverage Personalized Learning. This was a unique experience as we wrote it in four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

2019: I co-published an article with Allison Rodman: Eight Things Teams Do to Sabotage Their Work. Allie and I did this all virtually through Zoom and Google Docs – looking back on it, it prepared me for 2020 in a lot of ways!

2020: I started my own YouTube Channel! That is right, this year I am really trying something new, different and fun! I have started a YouTube Channel that will air my talk show called Talking with Edu_Thompson starting Monday, Sept 21st, 2020!

Talking with Edu_Thompson is a talk show that focuses on discussing the unique challenges educators are facing and hearing from multiple perspectives in order to learn and grow together! Every other week I will be releasing a new talk show session. Make sure to subscribe today to my new adventure! I love meeting new people and learning from them so if you would like to be on Talking with Edu_Thompson then please direct message me on Twitter or post in the comments as I would love to have you!

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