8 Sites to Help Educators Prepare for Distance Learning

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” By Herbert Spencer

For the start of the school year 20-21, the current trend is that districts are moving to distance learning for at least the first few weeks. As educators are preparing for the start of the school year they will need professional learning opportunities.

Thinking outside the box of what professional learning looks like besides attending a course; below are my favorite sites to gain instructional ideas, tips and tricks for distance learning through blogs, podcasts, videos and more!

Caitlin Tucker: Her blogs, her books and her tweets are chalk-full of ideas of incorporating technology meaningfully so students are engaged. She breaks things down for you to make it manageable to try her ideas in the classroom.

ASCD Webinars: ASCD’s free webinar series brings experts in the field of education anytime and anywhere. Our webinars address timely and relevant topics like student engagement, classroom technology, and instructional strategies. They archive each webinar so that you can get your professional development on demand.

Cult of Pedagogy: Choose the way you learn best by reading, listening or seeing as Jennifer Gonzalez has an amazing blog, podcast and videos. She also has courses you can pay for at a low cost.

Ditch That Textbook: They have curated and created over 50 back to school activities for the distance learning.

Free Technology For Teachers: Richard has a lot of great ideas on his blog but don’t miss his YouTube Channel as he has a regular series of tutorial videos including more than 400 Google tools tutorials!

Alice Keeler: Named the “Queen of Spreadsheets” by Google, she is an expert in EdTech integration but understand no amount of technology can replace a great teacher. Alice uses tech tools to enhance instruction and build relationships with their students.

Jeffery Bradbury AKA Teachercast: Jeff has a amazing YouTube Channel with lots of videos that highlight different teachers sharing tips and tricks around technology integration.

Shake Up Learning: Kasey Bell is a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer. She has lots of tips and tricks on how to be a Google Master in her blog posts, podcasts and webinars!

Bonus: Here are a few Youtube Channels by teachers for teachers to check out too!

Pocketful of Primary: Michelle a 4th grade teacher shares what she is doing in her classroom. She will now be sharing what she is doing in her virtual learning classroom as her district is remote until January 2021.

Everyday Educator: She shares technology tips and tricks that work for all grade levels!

I know there are so many other educators and sites that are providing professional development for free. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are in the comments below.

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