How is Open Education Going to Change Education

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
By Margaret Mead

Open Education is open free global educational content, available to anyone, anywhere at anytime. The internet has allowed us to gain access to content and devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have allowed us to do this quickly. Check out this video to see why open education is changing the world?

If we don’t change our schools, soon parents are not going to force their children to go to school. They will home school them or send them to open education ‘schools’. Where the student are in charge of their learning and goals.  Think I am wrong, look how many students are successful and they did not go to college. Many students attend a massive open online course (MOOC) to learn skills they are interested in. One of the things I am starting to become good at is coding, I didn’t learn it in a classroom but at Code Academy, an open education site that offers MOOC’s.

Because of Open Education we need to change our learning environments so that teachers are facilitator and help students guide their learning using open education resources. Why? Because it is authentic learning! When you aren’t sure of something when you are with others, what do you do? Most people pull out their phone and look it up. They then discuss what they found and learned with the others. Knowledge is at our fingertips, literally.

I aways tell teacher, if you can “google it” then you are not asking your students the right questions. We want our students using higher order thinking skills to gain knowledge by critically thinking, creating, communicating and collaborating.

Take a look at, you can easily differentiate  for students and they can self regulate their learning and progress. A sub domain of CK12 is Braingenie; which is an open education site that is math and science based and it also has the lesson by common core standards. See picture below:

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.06.41 PM

What we need to do in schools is use open education resources and then have students use their 21st century skills to remix the information.  For example, having students memorizing multiplication is one thing, but having students understand multiplication is another. What is the difference, spitting out facts verse explaining/teaching someone how to multiple.  The latter uses higher order thinking skills because the student would have to critically think about how they were going to teach it, communicate their knowledge, collaborate with the other student ‘learning’ and create a product of their explanation.  The product could be a piece of paper with their work shown or  a Showme video. If they create a ShowMe video, they are contributing as well to open education.

Here are a few other Open Education Resources:

P2PU – University for the Web

Open Study

School of Open, Class of 2013

I would love to hear your thoughts and feeling about Open Education, please share below.

2 thoughts on “How is Open Education Going to Change Education”

  1. Awesome! I also enjoy Code Academy and had planned to use it for my gifted talented class this year, but ended up giving up GT to take over our GEAR program (getting excited about robotics). I may still use it to help with programming. You have some great ideas and resources here! Thank you! And yes, open education is quickly becoming a viable option to education. I wish I the government could pay me to educate my own children instead of struggling to educate the students I do have.

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