Reflection from ASCD Leaders to Leaders Conference

If everyone is moving forward together, than success takes care of itself. —Henry Ford

LeadertoLeader_127586_portrait_730X550Recently I obtained the honor of being named Class of 2013 ASCD Emerging Leader. The past few days I have been in Washington, DC at the ASCD Leader to Leader Conference learning and growing with educators from all over the world. (I even met an educator from Guam!) If you want to search the archives from Twitter the hashtag is #ASCD2L2. (Warning: there are a lot of links through-out this post, for additional information)

Day 1: Emerging Leaders Orientation

Thursday morning I got to meet the other 18 (of 25) Emerging Leaders and learn about what the next two years would be like. We received advice from previous Emerging Leaders and ASCD employees about what was expected of us and how we could produce results. Basically it boils down to, ‘You get how much you put in’. We do need to build an action plan on a topic we are passionate about. We get a coach/mentor that will help us with our vision and implementation. My problem is I have so many ideas and topics floating in my head, I need to decide on what matters most to me. If you saw my mind map of me brainstorming ideas, you would think I was crazy!

During lunch we got to meet the ASCD board members to network, ask questions and listen to others experiences. It was inspiring to hear what other educators are doing and have done to make positives changes in education.

During the afternoon we learned more about what ASCD has to offer and more about their vision. If you are not a member, I strongly encourage it as they have great online professional developments, articles and discussion groups along with so much more. You can join ASCD Professional Interest Communities for free, without an ASCD membership. Registration is also open for ASCD’s Conference on Educational Leadership. See the details here:

Day 2: Leaders to Leaders Conference (L2L)

Friday we spent the day in the conference room collaborating with all ASCD L2L’s from teachers to superintendents from all over the world. Dr. Gene Carter, Executive Director and CEO, started as the opening keynote. Dr. Gene Carter stated many key points but my favorite was, “The child must be placed at the absolute center of our ethics.”

From the keynote, there were ignite presentations, where leaders shared their experiences, insights and progress since 2012 L2L conference. The ignite format is where presenters share, using 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds for a total of five minutes. This type of presentation was awesome because you got to hear so many different perspectives. I can’t wait to use this style for professional development and imagine this in a classroom, wow! The students would use their 21st century skills to show mastery of content in a fun and engaging way.

During the second half of the morning was a presentation by KnowledgeWorks called ‘Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem‘. The key take aways from this presentation were: 1. Make learning adapt to each child; not have each child adapt to a set learning. 2.We need to prepare our students for THEIR world, not ours.

The afternoon was a form of an unconference style. Based on what we learned from the KnowledgeWorks presentation, the group came up with key topics and broke off into mini groups. During this time group members discussed the topic more in depth. We then learned we would have to come up with a ten minute presentation that would take place during the ‘idea market’ the next day. My group was, Hiring For the Future” and we had a fantastic discussion. Here you can see our Google Doc notes. Our product for the idea market presentation was an iMovie. We wanted to show a ‘bad’ interview and how that it is not always just the questions that are bad but also can be the people on the panel.

L2L hosted another nice reception where we could mingle and network. It was great talking to NC affiliates. If you would like to join NC ASCD, you can here. They are working on the website and understand that some of the links do not work.

Day 3: Leaders to Leaders Conference (L2L)

We started off the morning with the ‘Idea Market’. 2L2 changed the set up of the room and had 6 sections set up around the room. Each section was a different topic from the day before. The sad part was you could only attend 4 out of the 6. I attended the below sessions and these are my notes:

1. Failing Forward:
– Discussed Peter Drucker – Managing in the next society
– Failure is a starting point
– Risk Calculation
– We have to also recognize what success means for EACH student and respond accordingly.
– Michael Jordan missing 9000 shots, practiced 12 hours a day, he failed many times but we only talk about his accomplishments.
– FAIL = first attempt in learning
– Wouldn’t it be great if students grade started at 0 and they worked up to 100% (Many colleges do that)
– Develop a culture where taking risks is encouraged and supported

2. What is the system we need to allow students to pursue their own learning?
– personalized learning
– multiple pathways to mastery
– student voice
– Use tools such as Flipped Classroom and Genius Hour

3. In an ever-changing world , how do we actively engage in transformational experiences?
– parent academy
– access ability – keep doors open so students can use the labs
– Internet safety (get helps from police/public library etc)
– parents leading parents (what they are expert in/co-teach)
– decision-making/ Task forces

4. Wrap around services
– tech way to infuse the tenets ( schools need to be one stop shop)
whole child services
– Great site: Jamie Vollmer

The second half of the unconference is when our presentation was. We realized the great iMovie we made was not going to work because there was no projector (we thought we had one) and the volume of the room (from the excitement) was going to be too loud. We had about 10 minutes in between break, for a group of us to decide how we were going to fix it. We had great suggestions but in the end some of us wrote fast and furiously on a few pieces of chart paper our ideas and we held a discussion. It went great all the same and we tweeted out our video and our notes.


After the unconference we broke up into our regions and had more time to discuss ideas with our state affiliates and surrounding states. We then came back all together and had a great closing ceremony reflecting on the conference. We wrote letters to our future selves and ASCD will be mailing them out later to see if we are doing what we set out leaving the conference wanting to do to make change. If you have not joined ASCD you should as they are an incredible resource for your classroom, school and/or district.

5 thoughts on “Reflection from ASCD Leaders to Leaders Conference”

  1. It was great meeting you and spending time learning with you! I too want to introduce the Ignite presentation method for professional development sessions 🙂 Here’s to some great learning and growing in our future!

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