Apps and Sites That Work on All Devices for BYOT

“Honestly, I think we should be delighted people still want to read, be it on a Kindle or a Nook or whatever the latest device is.” By J.K. Rowling

With more and more schools launching, ‘Bring Your Own Technology’ or ‘Bringing Your Own Device’ (BYOT/BYOD) I created a symbaloo of all apps and web tools that work on all devices to help educators get started. Even though I am a firm believe, it doesn’t matter what site/app the students use to show mastery of a concept, some educators need a starting place and many have loved this symbaloo so I, of course, want to pass it along.

Typically when you click on the symbaloo tile it will bring you to a website/app that is linked. This symbaloo is a little different because I can’t embed the symboloo because wordpress doesn’t allow iframe widgets, so I had to make it a screen shot with url link.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 9.23.45 AM

If there are sites that work on all devices that you have learned about, I would love to add them to my symbaloo. Please share in the comment section as websites are making apps everyday.

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10 thoughts on “Apps and Sites That Work on All Devices for BYOT”

  1. How have your students managed log-ins, esp when you have so many apps,? Do they create log-in IDs for each and every app (and track usernames and passwords)? I have students that are 9-10 years old.

    1. I have managed Id’s different ways for different age groups. With your age group you need to make sure you follow the Coppa law.

      I let students decide on what apps they wanted to use to show mastery so I didn’t use all these at once. When I did use an app/site, I have also made class lists and made their usernames and passwords the same, made index cards so they could refer back to them if they forgot them.

  2. Reblogged this on Classroom Technologies and commented:
    Hi Betina,
    Just having a quick look through some of your ideas and posts. I’m finding the information very useful for esc407. Thank you. Need to look further however brain pop will be added to the resource list! Corrina

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