A Check Mark on My Bucket List

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” by Arnold J. Toynbee 


Recently I started my own company called, Edulum LLC. It has always been a goal of mine to one day own my own company that provides support for educators. Starting a company was not easy but I have learned a lot through the process and I am excited to embark on this journey. I chose a team of professionals that were dedicated to providing quality professional development to schools and districts. Each team member has their own strength that makes us a true team. (To read more about our team click here)

I often get asked two questions, one is, ‘why did you name it Edulum?’ I named my company Edulum because it combines two of my passions Education + Curriculum  = Edulum. Yes, I love technology but to me it is not a separate entity, it is a tool we use in education and curriculum so my third passion is embedded within.

The second question I get is, ‘what do you want to accomplish with your company?’ To be honest, support for educators that is affordable. I might get two contracts a year and to me, that is great. That is one reason why I started Edulum’s First Annual Conference this summer because it provides educators with an affordable professional development that is not hundreds of dollars like other big conference.

Our conference theme is: Engage, Enrich and Empower.  Tyonna Hooker (NC Teacher of the Year) is our keynote speaker and we have amazing presenters from all around the Carolinas! It is going to be great and we are excited! The conference is at UNCC in the College of Education Building on August 2nd from 8:30-4:00. Some of our session titles are below to register click here!

•”Scratch-ing” the Surface of Coding in the Classroom

•Tech Up the Common Core

• Stretching the Limits – Text Complexity and Close Reading

• How am I doing? Conferring and Setting Goals with Students

• Better Together: The Power of Collaboration for Teachers and Students

• Incorporating the Common Core Math Standards for Practice into Grades 3-5

• Apps for Increased Engagement

• Promoting Reading Comprehension through Digital Storytelling

• Exhilarating Enrichment Clusters are Elementary!

• And Much More!!!

I am nervous but excited about this adventure but at least I can say I checked off something on my bucket list and am doing something that I love! If you are interested in some of our Professional Development or meeting with our team to provide  customized workshops email us info@edulumllc.com or call us @ (803) 220-4126

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