BYOT: Our First Month in Review

“A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.” – Thomas Carruthers

It has been a month for our Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) pilot and it has been a hug success. Each week we have more and more students bringing in devices as parents are ‘seeing’ how our teachers are using them educationally.

Each week our teachers have shared what has worked and what has not worked during their planning sessions. During this time we problem solve on how we can make it better. We have found letting the students use the device how they see fit and giving them the choice has been helpful. Meaning we do not ‘deem’ a day when they can bring their device but rather let the students bring their devices everyday and letting them know when they can take them out and use them in the classroom, just like a book. We did have some trouble as far as workflow and getting assignments turned in because of the different formats but we have found using Gaggle and Edmodo have helped with this.

Every month for the first few months we plan on doing a ‘device dig’. The device dig is when our teachers and students inventory what devices the students are bringing along with how many. We have been using this real world data as a learning experience for the students as well because they have been making graphs by collecting and analyzing the data. Then the students compare all the fifth grade classes as well.

Our device dig data for Nov

170 students 85 are bringing devices – 50%

iPods- 38

Tablets – 18 (iPads, Samsung Galaxy etc)

eReaders – 12 (Kindles and Nooks)

Phones -10

Laptops – 7

We predict after the holiday season we will have at least 20% increase and be closer to 70% of our students brining in devices. We are basing this prediction on the number of phone calls and emails asking what devices they (the parents) should buy. We have also had a lot of questions about the iPad mini’s so I do think we will see this newer device as well.

Here is a graph that represents what our usage is; the blue is internet and the red is our wi-fi. (Remember this is one grade level, 5th grade, in a K-5 school of over 1100 students.)

WiFi Usage and Internet Usage

In order for our parents to ‘see’ what we are doing with our BYOT in the classrooms we take many photo’s and post them onto our Twitter and schools Facebook Page. We also make movie trailers as a quick, easy way to grab some parents attention.

2 thoughts on “BYOT: Our First Month in Review”

  1. We are off to a great start and I love how our teachers and students are being creative in use and the kids are engaged in authentic learning. We also have had excellent training led by Mrs. Jill Thompson. That is a key to success !!!

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