Bring Your Own Device Resources

“We’re changing the world with technology.” Bill Gates

One of the “hot topics” and buzz words right now is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I have become more interested in this topic as well because my school district will be going to this model next year and I have been asked to be apart of the districts team to help implement it correctly. I joined the first #BYODchat (Thursdays @ 9) on twitter and I have of course found this chat helpful and can’t wait to learn more from it. Below are articles and resources (some shared by others during the chat and some I have found) that helped me better understanding the complexity of this new model that will be apart of education.

Blogs and Resources:


Get Smart: Using Mobile Apps to Improve Your Teaching

In Some Cash-Strapped Schools, Kids Bring Their Own Tech Devices

Bring Your Own Technology Empowers Educators to Facilitate Learning

10 Steps to an Affordable Educational Technology Policy

How Ford Motor Deployed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

‘Bring your own device’ Catching on in Schools

3 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Device Resources”

  1. BYOD is going to be a great addition to your district. The next challenge will be for the district and lawmakers to begin crafting an acceptable use policy that is ready not for the 21st Century, but the 22nd. An AUP that address the needs of students and professionals who learn around the clock with a majority or resource being found in a “social media” arena. I’m looking forward to BYOD helping students get access to a world they already use daily.

    Maybe you can start that conversation with your district, board, and its lawmakers. Here is a link to my favorite discussion on AUP’s:

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