Using ShowMe App for iPad in the Classroom

“Technology is not a new tool for learning. It’s a whole new way of learning.” Dan Roberts

Recently at an iPad chat, I discussed along with other educators, the benefits of certain apps for the iPad in the classroom. The app I discussed was ShowMe, which allows you to create whiteboard tutorials and share them online. I was surprised how many educators did not know about this app so I decided it needed to be my blog topic this week.

Why is this app ShowMe amazing? Here are 10 reasons!

1. It is a free app, as educators we need that

2. Once you create an account there are numerous already created tutorials’ in the ShowMe community

3. You can create videos for your “flipped classroom”

4. It is so easy to use; 1st graders I worked with were able to use it

5. Great way for teachers to assess student’s knowledge

6. You can change the background from the whiteboard to a map (or any background) and use it to enhance your lesson

7. Can be used for any subject (Ex. Math-how to add fractions)

8. Receive information through visuals as well as audio

9. Can be shared easily by embedding it into your website or sending a link to email, Facebook or Twitter

10. Videos can be as long or as short as you want them to be. I taught the students how to use the application in just a few minutes.

Below is a fifth grader using the ShowMe app as a way I assessed his knowledge. I gave him the task, “Using this app, describe the water cycle.” I walked away and worked with other students. When I came back, I taught him how to save the video with his name and topic. I then was able to go back later and view his water cycle video. I was able to see that he understood the water cycle and the key vocabulary.

Some of you may be saying, but he could of just drawn the water cycle on a piece of paper and handed it in. True, but having him complete it on the ShowMe app he has able to take it a step further and explain how it works verse just drawing it. This shows true comprehension of the topic.

8 thoughts on “Using ShowMe App for iPad in the Classroom”

  1. I want my 5th grade students to use the showme app on a field trip. Do they all need to sign up, or can they all use my account at the same time? I would have about 25 ipads going at the same time.

    1. It depends what type of account you have. I would also push your thinking and maybe offer them a few choices of how they can demonstrate knowledge they gained at/on the field trip. Ex. ShowMe can be one option but maybe iMovie can be another. Allowing choice gives them ownership and builds creativity.

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